10 Relationship Myths That Can Harm Your Marriage

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With daily couple Facebook posts, romantic Hollywood movies and old aunty theories, it is almost impossible to maintain a happy marriage. Add to it, certain rules that you have to adhere to and you have a relationship that not just seems impossible but also unattainable. Before you beat yourself up trying to be in a ‘happy’ marriage, here are 10 myths that you must throw away immediately and make your own rules.

1. His family is your family:

The logic sounds great but you can’t always love his family the way your do yours. As long as you respect each other’s families its good. Don’t force yourself to have the same relationship with your in-laws as you do with your parents

2. Happy marriages come naturally, you don’t have to work on them:

Honestly there is no such thing as a happy marriage. If you want things to be wonderful, it’s only natural that you’ll have to work on it.

3. You should never go to sleep angry:

Yes, it’s good if you solve your argument and go to bed after you make up, but at times, it’s best to let a good night’s sleep calm you down and help you look at things with a fresh perspective in the morning.

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