10 Collectible Classic Muscle Cars You Can Afford

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2. 1973 Pontiac GTO and 1973–75 Pontiac Grand Am

GM’s mid-size A-cars all got larger and heavier “colonnade” style bodies for ’73. But with the GTO nearly a spent force by then, Pontiac put little effort into it. Yet it was the last traditional, mid-size GTO. Most of the 4806 built had a 230-hp, 400-cubic-inch (6.6 liter) V-8; a 250-hp 455 (7.5 liter) was optional.

More interesting, and more popular, was the squishy nosed Grand Am available as a coupe or sedan. Using the same body as the GTO, many were built with the 400 and the 250-horse 455.

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