10 of the Best Classic Cars for First-Time Vintage Buyers

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Ford Mustang

Years: 1964 – 1973
Price Range: $9,000 – $20,000

Like Levis 501s and Chuck Taylors, the classic ’60s-era Mustang has fought the ravages of aging and has retained an effortless, timeless appeal. That said, you do run the risk of looking like you’re on your way to a barn dance. The first-generation Mustang (1965 to 1973) – it’s the model from Bullitt – has the best looks of all the models, especially the early versions, and, like jeans, it wears a worn-in look well.

What makes the first-generation Mustang a great classic buy is plentiful supplies, cheap prices that still haven’t picked up completely since the economy slump – these tend to be weekend cars remember, and the first things to go when money gets tight – low-cost and easy to find parts, and mods that are only limited by your wallet.

The trouble is, plenty of Mustangs are flipped for a quick buck, meaning poor repairs. Check for accident damage and rust everywhere; as these cars are not exactly rare, it’s worth hunting out a good one rather than doing repairs off the bat.

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