10 of the Very Best All-American Muscle Cars

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There’s something about the classic American muscle car that just can’t be beat. Sure, they’re not as fast as most modern machines, they handle terribly, they guzzle gasoline and run through tires like toilet paper, but once you fire up that engine, none of that really seems to matter…

Until about 10 years ago, American cars got a bad rap for their poor handling and shoddy build quality. But oh, how times have changed… now they get a bad rap for poor fuel economy, too! Just kidding, there’s one thing that U.S. carmakers do very, very well: horsepower. Mountains and mountains of asphalt-shredding, stoplight-racing horsepower.

While you certainly wouldn’t want to take any of the following automotive beasts on a quick spin around the Alpine countryside, if it’s miles and miles of flat, open countryside you’re faced with, then there’s little that can beat them. Read on for a list of 10 of the most badass, rubber-burning, all-American muscle cars ever – each built to conquer the world, one quarter-mile at a time.

2014 Tesla P85D

The P85D might be the ultimate sleeper. Besides the small badge on the trunk there aren’t any real visual cues that this car is anything beyond your typical Tesla. But activate “Insane Mode” (seriously!) and prepare yourself for one hell of a ride. No joke – this car will outrun nearly anything else on the road, including EVERY SINGLE ONE of the following cars. So why isn’t it our favorite? Simply put: there’s too much software, not enough engine. Muscle cars require a rumbly V8, and all the speed in the world can’t change that…

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