10 Overlooked Classic Cars

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Some vintage cars are very expensive and cannot be enjoyed by most of us. There is a list of fine vehicles that are often underestimated and overlooked.

Every January Scottsdale, Arizona becomes a place to be for all classic car collectors and enthusiasts for an entire week. This event is Auction Week and is known to break records in vintage automobile sales and shows. 2013 was especially rich in records with $228 Million in sales and purchases of such vehicles as 1958 Ferrari GT California Spider and George Barris Batmobile. 31 cars fetched $1M dollars each that year.

Unfortunately, most of us will never own a million dollar car, but not to despair, there are plenty of old vehicles that are either overlooked or just now entering their vintage age and can be bought for a reasonable amount.

1. 1970-73 Datsun 240Z

When this vehicle first came out in the seventies, it was considered one of the best in its sports class. The Z was comfortable, reliable like all Japanese cars, and stylish. This vehicle was faster than Porsche with 60 mph reached in 7.8 seconds and coveted 125 mph maximum. The car was offered in red, yellow, and orange and while it can now fetch $40,000, some are available at as low as $15,000.

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