10 Things That Should Always Be Equal In Relationships No Matter What

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No relationship is perfect and that means that sometimes, one person might have to work harder to pick up the slack that the other person leaves. But even if not everything in your relationship is completely balanced 100% of the time, you should still make sure that these things are equal if you want what you have to last:


When one person is going all-out in a relationship and the other is only putting forth the bare minimum, there’s a problem. It’s easy to let this one slide if you get pleasure out of being a “giver,” but eventually, resentment will start to brew. Both people in a relationship need to know that they’re valued and to make that happen, they need to be trying equally hard to make each other happy.


This applies to surface-level concepts like initiating conversations but also to the depth and honesty of the discussions you have. If only one of you is making sure that questions are being asked and thoughts are being respectfully conveyed, you’re going to be dealing with arguments and misunderstandings that could’ve easily been avoided.

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