11 Things That Are More Important Than Romance In A Relationship

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Disney movies and rom-coms have made us believe we need over-the-top romantic gestures in our lives. Flowers, chocolates, and candlelit dinners or bust, right? Wrong. Romance is overrated, and most men just aren’t wired for it. While it’s sweet when they manage a romantic moment, we shouldn’t be obsessed with it or start doubting the relationship when romance is absent from it. Afterall, there are so many things that are way more important for couples that want to go the distance. If your man is giving you these 11 things, maybe don’t give him a hard time if he forgets an anniversary every now and then:


Above all else, you should want him to be honest. Honesty about his feelings and intentions can go a long way in a relationship, and romance without honesty is a recipe for a breakup.


Nothing is more romantic than a man who supports his lady. Maybe his support doesn’t come with a dozen roses, but having your guy show up for you is about as romantic as it gets.

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