13 Romantic Cities To Visit With Your Partner That Aren’t Paris

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Are you over Paris? Do you want your romantic trip to be somewhat more original? Take your couple-travel to the next level with this list of must-visit cities for anyone with a romantic bone in their body. The world has much to offer, often in rather unexpected places.


While being practically the “anti-Paris,” London actually has much-understated romance hidden away. Obviously, there’s the river Thames, full of large bridges to cross and romantic cruises to take. There are also plenty of neighborhoods offering narrow streets, pretty cafés and secret bars, plus the whole city is bursting at the seams with art, culture, music and shopping opportunities. Even the grayest and most miserable of days won’t be boring in London, which is good, cause there are plenty of gray, miserable days. When the sun is out, though, London’s parks and botanical gardens become absolutely vibrant and beautiful.


Iceland’s capital is within easy reach of both mainland Europe and the east coast and is small yet insanely hip. Expect lots of snow for most of the year, but that doesn’t stop the city from having a very active live music scene, bars that are open till dawn and lots of opportunities for romantic walks along the cheerful narrow streets. You can also go whale watching, enjoy the Northern Lights or go on easy day trips into nature from the city center. If you need more convincing then you should probably go ahead and look up Iceland’s obsession with hot springs, saunas, and heated swimming pools.


Okay, so most people come here for the legal weed, which is great, but Amsterdam is also decked with utterly twee canals, beautiful old streets, unique architecture, cute little cafés (not just the weed kind) and a whole load of museums that make even rainy days exciting. If that’s not enough, the Dutch are obsessed with flowers, so everywhere you go will feel like your birthday. Amsterdam is also a big cycling town, with plenty of bike lanes, perfectly flat roads and lots of places that will rent you bikes for the perfect romantic ride.

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