20 Popular Sedans Of The 19th Century

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Do you know there was something special about the older Sedans that the likes of Lamborghini or Porsche and Austin Martin did miss? It is the cool factor that was very much present in Sedans and the other cars were lacking. Here is a list of 20 popular Sedans of the 19th century that will prove my point.

Although the car may have looked similar to Series 1 Jaguar XJ then why not jag? You got to understand one thing that British –Layland made this car in the 70’s and Daimler premium was not for the emblem but to concentrate on fasten things together. You got everything starting from wood or leather to the gigantic Jaguar 5.3 Liters V12 engine. Only 351 of such Sedans were made which were having speed, style. They are considered one of the popular Sedans of the 19th century.

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