The Top 10 Corvette Models of All-Time

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Over the past 62-years, America has changed quite a bit and so has its longest-running sports car. Launched in 1953 as a “polo white,” hand-built convertible, the Chevrolet Corvette was a dog of an automobile. Although the styling could turn heads, the Corvette lacked the internal componentry to back up its beautiful looks with only a 6-cylinder, 235-cubic-inch inline engine.

To remain true to the American spirit, Chevy upgraded the engine to a big V-8 with a lot of horsepower. Since that upgrade, the ‘Vette has been a timeline piece of American craftsmanship and ingenuity.

1955 Corvette V8

Although the Corvette debuted two years earlier than expected, most enthusiasts claim that it became an actual legend once the V8 was placed under the hood. The 1955 Corvette V8 featured an iconic fiberglass body with 265-cubic-inch engine as an additional option. This model proved to the world that the ‘Vette could handle anything. The V8 improve its 0-60 time from 11 seconds in the previous model with the inline V6 to 8.5 seconds with this V8. This automobile also came equipped with a three-speed manual transmission. The overhaul from the previous model is said to have save the Corvette from being cut from Chevy’s product line.

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