The Top 10 Luxury Sports Cars of the 1970s

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The 70s were an interesting decade for cars, bringing the revolution of luxury sports vehicles to a whole new level. Some people argue that it all started with the 1960s Lamborghini Miura, while others insist that the Ford GT40 was the ultimate supercar pioneer. In any case, it was the rapid increase in the production of supercars during this decade that eventually led to the explosion of the luxury sport car industry of the 80s.

It was refreshing to see many real street legal production supercars making their way into the public. Given that this industry was still finding its way back then, it is understanding to note that some of the d├ęcor styles were rather odd in retrospect. However, the decade still managed to produce some surprisingly attractive models that set the standard for future vehicles.

1. Stutz Blackhawk

Most enthusiasts would agree that the Blackhawk basically represents the 1970s style of luxury car production. It came with shag carpeting, gold plated trim, 15+ coats of paint, and you even had the option of engraving your name on the plate. The Blackhawk was unveiled in New York at the Waldorf Astoria, and went for $22,500 to $75,000. All Blackhawks during the earlier years were coupes, with a couple of sedans being introduced later on. It was popular among the celebrity crowd. Some of the most notable personalities who owned one included George Forman, Lucille Ball, Willie Nelson, and Elvis Presley.

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