Top 10 Forgotten Supercars That Deserve to be Remembered

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1. Cizeta V16T

Giorgio Moroder gave the world the 12-inch extended mix in the 1970s because he didn’t feel like getting up to flip the record over while entertaining amorous companionship. In 1988, the renowned music producer added “16-cylinder supercar builder” to his resume with the Cizeta V16T, a wedge-shaped coupe designed in conjunction with Claudio Zampolli (a Ferrari dealer) and Marcello Gandini (of Lamborghini Countach fame). In fact, what ended up becoming the V16T started life as a development concept for the Lamborghini Diablo before the Chrysler-controlled company passed on it for being too wild. Like Moroder’s music, the Cizeta pushed boundaries with its quad-pop-up headlights, its transversely mounted, 560-horsepower 16-cylinder engine, and its 203-mph top speed.

Why haven’t I heard about it? Moroder had a falling out with Zampolli before the car entered production, and the company cut his name off of the badge. What had been a music biz novelty slid into the realm of obscure Italian exotics, and the company went out of business in 1995 after having built 19 vehicles over a four-year run. Since then, the Cizeta V16T has been built on-spec for at least three customers and was advertised as being available until the mid-2000s.

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